Friday, January 11, 2013

US FBI Arrest Algerian Hacker In Malaysia

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has arrested a 24-year-old computer science graduate, Hamza Bendelladj, for allegedly hacking into banks, after trailing him for three years.

Bendelladj who is from Algeria, is reported to have begun hacking into banks at the age of 20.

He was detained at a Bangkok airport on Sunday after arriving from Malaysia for a connecting flight to Cairo.

US authorities accused him of hacking into private accounts in more than 217 banks and financial companies worldwide, causing millions of dollars in losses.

"When asked what he did with the money, he said he spent it on travelling and a luxurious life, like flying first class and staying in luxury places," immigration police chief, Pharnu Kerdlarpphon told reporters.

He was arrested during a stopover at Thailand's international airport while travelling from Malaysia, where he said he and his family had been on holidays.

Police said they had confiscated two laptops, a tablet computer, a satellite phone and a number of external hard drives from him.
He will be extradited to the US state of Georgia, where a district court has issued an arrest warrant.

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